Column: I'm on Facebook!
by Laura Nation-Atchison
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Never in a million years did I think I’d give in to it.

But, I’m liking it mostly, and mostly because of the old pals I’ve had pop up.

Facebook was never a part of my plan. Neither was the fancy smancy cell phone I got a few months ago.

But here I am, posting and texting away with all the rest of them,

I could blame it on Gruffy, he got started on the Facebook thing before I did.

So then, I gave it some thought and said to myself, “Well, just try it….”

That was about a month ago and I’ve kind of gone crazy with it, but, again, I kind of like it.

I think the reason the best part of it is hearing fun things from other people, and also, since I left my hometown at an early age-14-to go off to school, and really never went back except for a few months here and there, it’s fun finding out what became of those friends and how their lives turned out.

Example: I just heard yesterday from my old kindergarten carpool pal and neighborhood friend Stuart Wright.

He called me “YA YEE” (for Laura Lee) when he was in kindergarten, he couldn’t say “L" back then.

One day he hopped into the car and said, “I yuv you Ya Yee!” (My mother told me that.)

Then there was the time when we were about 12 and a gang of us on bicycles were riding around the “hood.”

Stuart was aboard his banana bike-ha, remember those!-and we were hanging out around the lake and bridge in our neighborhood.

I spotted a drainage pipe that crossed a narrow section of the lake and it came to me.

“Hey Stuart, I’ll pay you a quarter to ride you bike across that pipe…”

Within minutes, he was off.

He tells me now he really thought he could make it.

I had to admit I knew at the time he wouldn’t make it two feet before there’d be one heck of a banana bike splash.

Somehow, he told me, there was a plastic helmet and a cape involved. I suppose I probably fashioned the cape out of something I found lying around and wrapped it around his neck.

I love these stories.

Several other old friends and I are reliving the horrible things we did in junior high, especially to our teachers.

In eighth grade I used to sneak out of my homeroom and go into the homeroom next door where most of my friends were.

Obviously, the school officials knew who to separate…

I would just sit there, this teacher rarely noticed me in there, but usually, my homeroom teacher would discover me missing and come around the corner and order me back into my room.

That poor man died that year in the classroom next door that I snuck into and I’ve told my former classmates it was probably our fault. But we really didn’t mean any harm with our pranks…not like that.

One more school tale…we had an algebra teacher who was a little muddled and quite elderly, a little deaf and we were awful to her.

I would prompt my friend Mickey to stand up and imitate Johnny Cash when she’d turn her back to the class.

Then, he’d pop back down by the time she could manage to turn around to see what was going on.

We’d all be rolling in the floor laughing.

But really, there were a few others in my class who were about as bad as me, and I’m naming names! Ruth Marie, Janet…those are at the top of the list! And then, there’s the editor of this newspaper you’re reading…she was in there, too, but a year behind us so she wasn’t in our “rooms…”

So I suppose I tell you all this to say the Facebook thing has been kind of fun.

So far…