Bentley, Sparks confirmed to appear at Tallagega candidates forum
<p><br><p><br><p><br><p><br>Both candidates for governor of Alabama have confirmed that they will take part in a public forum for candidates being being organized by the Talladega Rotary Club and co-sponsored by The Daily Home. The forum is planned for 6-8 p.m., Thursday, Oct. 14.<br /><br /><p> Also planning to attend are candidates for other state and local offices:<br /><br /><p> <b>Lt. Governor:</b> Republican Kay Ivey<br /><br /><br><b>Attorney General:</b> Democrat James Anderson<br /><br /><br><b>State Senate District 11:</b> Democrat Jerry Fielding and Republican Ray Robbins<br /><br /><br><b>District Court Judge:</b> Democrat Jeb Fannin and Republican Jeane Rasco<br /><br /><br><b>State House District 35:</b> Democrat Steve Hurst and Republican Steve Dean<br /><br /><br><b>Talladega County Commission:</b> John Luker and Tony Haynes<br /><br /><br><b>Talladega County Sheriff:</b> Jerry Studdard and Dallas Davenport<br /><br /><p> Each candidate will speak for an alloted time. Questions for the candidates must be submitted in writing in advance. The deadline for submitting questions is Oct. 7.<br /><br /><p> Please use the comment section to post questions for the candidates. Be sure to indicate which candidate you'd like to have answer your question.
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