by brother_Charles
08.30.10 - 09:05 pm
NOT YOUR USUAL STUFF<br /><br />SUBJECT: FUNDAMENTAL CHRISTIANITY<br /><br />There are many secular and religious people including professing Christians, who believe “fundamental Christians” are at best religious fanatics, or at worst believers who are devoid of the ability to think or make sound decisions concerning in life without a scriptural basis for their words, deeds, and actions, in life. A true Christian fundamentalist believes 100% of the bible, by default. The question is, is this a good thing, or a belief system based on false doctrines, or a flawed form of Theology? If you believe what the bible clearly states, the answer to the question regarding bible integrity and the responsibility of a believer to trust in the bible 100% is addressed in the scriptures:<br /><br />2 Timothy 3:16 All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness:<br /><br />This being the case, how can anyone who would claim to be anyone but a “fundamental Christian” call them self a BELIEVER at all.? If you don't believe 100% of the word of God, you are in fact denying the integrity of the bible and God Who authored it! If we can pick and choose what parts of the bible we accept or reject, we have made ourself a home-brew religion without any sound basis for our beliefs.<br /><br />This “have it your own way” type of religion, is worse than no religious beliefs at all. If you are not 100% for God and His word, you are actually 100% against Him. (and His enemy by default) Like as with our federal constitution, so-called educated people have watered the document down, and rendered it as useless, outdated, and unsound in our “enlightened” society.<br /><br />The truth is people who believe and teach treasonous doctrines like this, are traitors to God, and their country as well. Don't salute our flag or proclaim to be a true Christian, if you have any doubt regarding the integrity of the bible, or the original intent of what our federal constitution clearly states to all who take the time to read it. "Almost Christians" will inhabit hell along side of those who never approach the throne of grace for salvation. Those who give away their personal liberty to receive favors from the government, will soon become slaves to the powers that govern our nation, and our world.<br /><br />Almost, is not enough concerning government or God. The politically correct views so common in our day and time are proof many have fallen for lies, error, and deception from below. Satan is the god of this word, and his kids do a great job of reproducing after their own kind.
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