Elect more yes men, or someone who has a proven record?
by brother_Charles
05.09.10 - 01:33 am
I really don't like politics, because there are so few men who actually do what they pledge to get elected. While there are a few men running for office who sound good in the media commercials, none of them but Roy Moore have have the backbone to stand up for the state and federal constitution.<br /><br />The rest of the crowd say this and that, but cower in fear when brought before the federal courts that ignore the 10th amendment of the federal constitution. They jump for their federal masters, and utter glib excuses in an attempt to justify their cowardly actions as office holders.<br /><br />Judge Moore may not be on the mark on all of his views, but he sure knows how to take a stand and stick to it! I watched the kangaroo court proceedings that had him thrown out of office, and wonder how any politician worth his salt can just stand by and do nothing to change our pitiful state of affairs. <br /><br />PS A real "patriot act" would be to boot every politician out of office, and elect MEN like Roy Moore to stand up for our country and state.<br /><br />
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