Call Commissioner Jackie Swinford!!!
by DTRinMunford
03.10.10 - 07:15 pm
<p>Yes, you can have all of your neighbors talking too: Why in no time at all the Talladega County Engineering Department can come onto your paved street, cut and place a drainage pipe (a HUGE drain pipe) under the road crossing under to divert FRESH rain/waste water from a cow patty filled hayfield right into your yard. Just think of it. All that fertile, bacteria ridden water right in your yard!! Pooling over YOUR water meter and drinking water lines!!! Not to mention the wonderous effect it has on septic tank field lines.&nbsp; Oh and let's not forget all those floating treasures that wash up with the waste water:&nbsp; diapers, beer cans, throw away cups, cigarette butts: why the list is endless.&nbsp; Speaking of butts -- we would have missed out on all this high tech brains engineering&nbsp;had it not been for the ingenious&nbsp;minds of the Talladega County Engineering Department!!&nbsp; Why their brillance rivals NASA.&nbsp; And to think Commissioner Jackie Swinford can help make this dream come true for you and your property values too!&nbsp; Just call him!!!&nbsp; Maybe he will call you back!!!</p>
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