What a sham!
by brother_Charles
02.28.10 - 03:10 pm
THOUGHTS ON GAMBLING<br /><br />I reside in Alabama where gambling is supposed to be unconstitutional, yet gambling has been present in this state for as long I can remember. Even as a teen while living in Louisiana, I can remember driving through Mobile and seeing bill boards advertising dog racing tracks. Since the primary object of the dogs racing was for people to wager and place bets, this was in reality a form gambling by default.<br /><br />While living in Louisiana, that state also had a rather twisted view of gambling. As in Alabama the state constitution forbid gambling, but somehow horse racing was allowed and even promoted. Eventually states like Louisiana and Mississippi came up with they thought was a common sense way to allow gambling in many forms. The political do-gooders simply called most forms of illegal gambling GAMING to simplify and allow GAMBLING to flourish. <br /><br />With all of these changes in place, you would think individuals who choose to gamble with friends etc., would be able to do so without legal intervention. If you believe that to be a fact and gamble between friends etc., you will spend time in jail and be fined for gambling. Since both the federal and most state constitutions provide equal protection under the law, I guess governmental officials really don't follow after the laws they swore to uphold when they were appointed or elected to office.<br /><br />While I feel states like Louisiana and Mississippi made grave errors in making gambling a state endorsed business venture, at least they thought the process through before allowing casinos to be built and operated. Gambling is not good for anyone, except those who reap the profits from the people who usually can't make ends meet and fall for the illusion of winning big at these casinos.<br /><br />As bad as that is, Alabama is much wore in many ways concerning gambling. Within recent times the governor of the state has tried to take the moral highroad by shutting down casinos that were allowed to be built and operated in a state with laws against gambling. Certainly no one could get a building permit, occupational licenses, and other official credentials to operate a gambling business, unless state and local officials provided them with such documents and licenses in the first place. If the state of Alabama in a no gambling state, there should be no form of gambling allowed in the state. To allow dog tracks, casinos, and such to be built and operate in a very public manner, is proof the politicians holding office appear to have sold out the protect of law for big bucks.<br /><br />It is always hard to close doors to wrong doing, after they have been allowed to be open by those elected and appointed to political and judicial office. While I am not pro gambling, I believe the state of Alabama has robbed the funds from people who were given assurances they could operate within the state. Robbery is wrong, no matter if the victim is a preacher or a gambling casino operator. The people who were hired to work in the casinos are also being robbed, by a government that is supposed to protect them. Even the attorney general of the state says the way all of this happened is unfair, and a mockery of justice under the constitution.<br /><br />If the casinos are officially outlawed by vote or by the courts, I believe the state should reimburse the casino operators for their investment in Alabama. While it would have been better for all concerned if Alabama would have prevented all of this from happening, the state officials who allowed these casions to be built and operated are at fault in many ways. I also believe anyone who has lost their job because of the poor decisions the government has made, should be compensated in some manner too.<br /><br />Personally, I hope gambling is totally outlawed in Alabama as soon as possible. If we are to believe the ads concerning pro and con gambling people, gambling has already done much harm to the state and it's people. Gambling as it now exists in Alabama could not become a realty here, if the laws of Alabama would have been enforced properly. You can bet the deep pockets of many judges and politicians, have been kept full since all of this came into being in every state that has allowed gambling to exist and prosper at the people's expense.<br /><br />We need to get rid of all gambling in Alabama, including the dog tracts. But it is time to do so in a legal and just manner, so those who were allowed to build casinos are provided with a way to bow out peacefully, not at gunpoint...<br /><br /> <br /><br />
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