by Silvia-Is-A-Slacker
02.11.10 - 08:27 pm
Does RMC in Anniston promote illegal gambling among employees? It appears so.<br /><br />Gambling at RMC--------<br /><br />Yes, the departments at RMC are being asked to create a "basket' to raffle for RElay for Life. Now I am all for raising the funds BUT not the gambling: State law says:<br /><br />Under the law in the State of Alabama, ALL raffles are considered illegal lotteries and are prohibited by Alabama law. Under the law of this State, there is NO EXCEPTION for holding a raffle just because the proceeds go to a charitable organization or another worthy cause. Furthermore, advertising these events on the internet or otherwise could be considered a misdemanor, "promoting gambling".<br /><br />See Alabama Attorney General Memorandum dated March 3, 2009:<br /><br /><br /><br />Why does the Governor's "Anti-Gambling Task Farce" not crack down on this?<br /><br />Strange huh, Sil????? <br /><br />
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