and the beat goes on.
by Queensamiam
02.02.10 - 11:58 am
<p>BrokenSoldier,</p> <p>You'll be following a slinky to keep doing what you're doing.&nbsp;&nbsp; No one will want to make a decision and no one will want to be held accountable.&nbsp;&nbsp; When the abuser finds you again, an order of protection won't be worth the paper it's written on.&nbsp;&nbsp; He'll do what he intends to do and be gone before the law arrives.&nbsp; Then, if you're still alive, you can get a hearing and hopefully he'll be charged with violating an order of protection.&nbsp;&nbsp; Of course, before that happens, you'll have to prove he did it.&nbsp;&nbsp; You do have one recourse though.&nbsp;&nbsp; You can shoot him and stand trial using "self-defense" as your defense.&nbsp;&nbsp;</p> <p>There needs to be a better way.&nbsp;&nbsp; You'll be a victim of abuse or a victim of the system, either way.</p>
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