Politics and Tragedy
by Queensamiam
<p>As far as I know we still have first amendment rights.&nbsp;&nbsp; Pat Robertson and Rush Limbaugh are not excluded.&nbsp;&nbsp;</p> <p>Mr. Robertson, being a devout Christian and a benevolent thinker spoke&nbsp;his honest observation, of which many agree.&nbsp; &nbsp; Mr. Limbaugh spoke his opinion of the generosity of President Obama.&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Many agree with him also.&nbsp; Whether or not we agree, they have the right to speak those things.&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Yes, they have positions of power as does a newspaper editor.</p> <p>To date we've give 1.3 BILLION dollars to Haiti.&nbsp;&nbsp; Haiti has no government.&nbsp; It's been run by thieves, gangs, and a corrupt leadership for decades.&nbsp;&nbsp; The money we have funneled into Haiti has gone to enrich those entities.&nbsp;&nbsp; There has been no accountability as to where and to whom our money has gone.&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; We have a right to express our dismay at those facts and object to its continuance.</p> <p>The Dominican Republic shares the same island with Haiti and has gone relatively unharmed; however, the DR posts guards and disallows Haitians into its country even in this time of tragedy.&nbsp;&nbsp; No other country is hosting 100,000 Haitians - providing transport, housing, food, and health care using citizen's tax dollars - for an 18-month reprieve.&nbsp;&nbsp; Does anyone honestly believe that 100,000 Haitians will be delivered back to the island in 18 months?&nbsp;&nbsp;</p> <p>Regardless, to call any citizen who objects "hateful" is unduly scolding and judgemental.&nbsp;&nbsp; Even those of us with a very strong benevolent nature at some point want accountability and planning.&nbsp;&nbsp; Throwing dollars into an abyss with no plan to stop or expect results is nothing short of a "show" and wasteful.&nbsp;&nbsp;</p> <p>&nbsp;</p>
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