coosa cable
by Justripper
<p>Hi</p> <p>I have a problem with The only reason I use this service is because it is only way I can connect to the internet at my location.<br /><br />I have been using it for around 2 years now ..........and I have paid my bill each month.<br /><br />Here is the problem......I would say that 60% of the time the internet does not work! you have a # you can call to report(which I do often) but it does not do any good......all you get is "we have a problem and are working on it"..........big big deal! but I am still paying for the service ,which is not good at all.<br /><br />I know I am not the only one on coosa cable that has a problem...........but I am tired of no service,for what I pay you agree?<br /><br />Why is it that my friends on charter cable NEVER have any problems......there internet is always on?<br /><br />Seems to me that coosa cable need to hire someone from charter to help them provide what they are selling.</p> <p>Am I right .......or what?</p> <p>Thanks&nbsp;&nbsp; JDC</p>
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