Please help us find this Good Samaritan
by pamsey
11.03.09 - 07:31 pm
We were on our way back to our hotel after the Amp Energy 500. We were directed a different way out of the speedway than we usually go and got a little discombobulated. We pulled over to get our bearings, and this gentleman pulls up in front of us, gets out of his truck, walks over to our driver side window and says, I see you are lost, where are you trying to go? He proceeds to give us clear and concise directions back to our hotel, walks back to his truck and pulls away. As directed, we ended up going the same way behind him. A few houses down, he signaled and turned. We gave him a little honk and drove off, successfully reaching our hotel using those clear and consise directions. The guy had a license plate that said Farmer John. He pulled into a place that said J and J Farm. We believe it was on Highway 33 in Talladega. If anyone knows this man, we would really like to thank him properly. Kindly have him e-mail us at Thanks in advance for any help you can give finding this sweet man.<br /><br />Thanks too for the great time we had in your wonderful state!<br /><br />Sincerely,<br /><br />Pam in Florida
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