I like the digital edition
by Pudge450
08.12.09 - 08:41 am
<p>I just wish I could sign up for it.&nbsp; I have contacted The Daily Home twice about the fact I would love to pay for the digital edition... except the site is not secure.&nbsp; It does not exhibit the characteristics of a secure site, i.e. The "https" designation at the top and the gold lock at the bottom.</p> <p>There was no response to my first email.&nbsp;</p> <p>There was a response to my second one.&nbsp; I was assured it is a secure site and there have been no problems with it.&nbsp;&nbsp;</p> <p>Sorry, I cannot transmit my credit card information over a site which is clearly NOT secure.</p> <p>I would love to pay by another method, but none is offered.</p> <p>I subscribed to print edition for a while, but it arived about 10 days after publication, so it was really old news when I received it.</p>
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