'Safe Routes to Schools' project moving along
by Chris Norwood
TALLADEGA — Parents taking their children back to school along the South Street corridor have no doubt noticed the traffic barrels and cones as well as the crews out working on the streets in recent days.

The work is part of the $150,000 “Safe Routes to Schools” Program that the city was awarded last year by the Alabama Department of Transportation. The grant was to be used to “improve sidewalks primarily around South Street and Coffee Street,” benefiting students at the Alabama Schools for Deaf and Blind, Graham Elementary School and Zora Ellis Junior High School.

Other improvements will include curb cuts in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, raised markings and specialized raised crosswalks to benefit visually impaired students.

In spite of the recent bad weather, City Manager Brian Muenger said the projects is moving along on schedule and should be completed in time.

“They’re mostly working on the side streets now, doing the sidewalks on Johnson and Astrid,” he said Tuesday. “They’re getting ready to start with the new curbs. There have been some minor weather delays, but this was a seven week project and I don’t see any reason that it would not meet that timeline.”

The contactor, Triple J Construction of Crane Hill, has been using the vacant lot across from city hall as a staging area. “They’ve done a really good job with signage and traffic control so far,” he said. “They found of a couple of meters that weren’t on the survey that had to be removed, but those were replaced immediately and were not a major issue.”

Muenger said the contractor had done such good work on the sidewalks that they were being encouraged to bid on other sidewalk repair projects.

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