Our View: Family-owned business expansion a positive sign for economy
The expansion of Blair Block in Childersburg’s Industrial Park is one of the latest positive signs of economic improvement, and this one involves a relatively small, family-owned business.

Tommy Blair is the owner and president of the company, his wife, Fay, is the office manager, and their son Matt is the plant manager.

They employ 20 people making a variety of concrete blocks, the types used in many kinds of construction, and they work with another company to produce silicon carbide bricks used in electric furnace operations.

The Childersburg City Council recently agreed to sell the company 40 acres in the Childersburg Industrial Park to expand their operation, which will mean opportunities for six to 10 new jobs.

The Blairs used to own a similar company in Sylacauga before purchasing property in the industrial park and starting the new enterprise in 2007, and they’ve been pleasantly surprised at how quickly the company has grown.

Boasting a combined half-century in the block business, they expressed appreciation to the City Council for working with them to help their business grow.

That’s the type of cooperation that brings about win-win results for everyone. Even when a relatively small number of new jobs are involved, growth contributes to an atmosphere of success that can be self-propagating — and it’s certainly better news than layoffs or plant closings.

We commend the council and the block company on moving forward on a path toward future growth.

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