Format for citizens’ pistol permit changes Thursday
by Shane Dunaway
TALLADEGA COUNTY – The Sheriff’s Department officially changes the format Thursday in which concealed carrying citizens receive their pistol permits.

The shift from paper permits to hard-card permits coincides with new gun laws outlined in the Alabama Firearms Act passed in May.

Individuals applying for a permit may choose to obtain it in yearly increments up to five years at a rate of $20 per year.

According to Sheriff Jimmy Kilgore, the department spent a little more than $14,000 for the hardware and equipment used to modernize the permit process in its Talladega and Sylacauga offices.

“The design of the new permit is similar to a driver’s license in that it bears the photograph of the permit holder as well as the name, address, physical description and date-of-expiration for the permit,” Kilgore said. “We’re pleased to be able to offer this service to the citizens of the county.

“It will certainly be more durable and last longer than the paper permits,” Kilgore said. “People keep their permits in their wallets. During the course of the year, the paper permits experience general wear-and-tear. We’ve seen some permits produced (from holders) that were barely legible and in horrible shape.”

The process not only increases the longevity of the issued permits, but also provides individuals with an additional form of photo identification issued by a government agency.

“We believe the shift to these new permits shows a progressive approach to one of the functions we already provide,” Kilgore said.

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