Melton commits to play baseball at Enterprise State
by LaVonte Young
FAYETTEVILLE - Jeremy Melton committed to play baseball for Enterprise State Community College for the 2014 season. The former Class 1A Player of the Year hopes to take advantage of his third and maybe his last opportunity to play baseball on the collegiate level.

“I am going down there because they offered me a scholarship,” Melton said. “He (head coach Tim Hulsey) was looking for players. (Fayetteville) Coach (Morris)Phillips told him that I was looking for a place since it didn’t really work out at Wallace State. He said he wanted to come down and pitch.”

The Boll Weevils recorded an 11-27 record in 2013. Last season, Melton and one of his teammates from Wallace State talked about playing somewhere where they could make an immediate impact and Enterprise seemed to be the best fit for both players.

“I have a friend from Wallace that is going down there too,” Melton said. “I remember when we were at Wallace, we talked about how it would be cool if we went somewhere small like Enterprise and led the team to a great season. Now, we actually have that opportunity, because he got a scholarship down there too. I just think I have a better shot down there than going to a four year school.”

The atmosphere at Enterprise State is something that Melton liked when he went down for a visit.

“The campus is small, but it is in a city and I like that,” Melton said. ”I like living in a city.”

Melton was the ace pitcher for Fayetteville during his senior season in 2011. The former Talladega College signee recorded an 11-2 record off the mound. He also had a batting average of .510, 13 homers and 70 RBIs, which earned him Class 1A Player and Hitter of the Year honors.

“Personally, I would rather play a position and hit than pitch,” Melton said. “I feel like it is easier. Southern Union said I could try out for a position and hit. Enterprise told me the same thing and they had a scholarship. He mention that me coming in with a year of experience of college and being able to come in and start games, which I can and will do. But my main goal is I want to be successful as a hitter. I am going to work hard down there.”

Last season, Melton went 1-1 on the season in 17.1 innings in 10 appearances. He had an ERA of 5.71 and had 12 strikeouts on the season. His only win of the season came against Columbia State Community College on Feb.13. The lefty pitched four innings, he allowed one earned run and struck out a batter.

“I have to figure out how to consistently throw hard,” he said. “I tried out at a couple different places before Enterprise. I tried out at Chattahoochee Valley and I hit 87. At Wallace, I threw 86-87 in bullpens, but some bullpens I felt like I threw low 80s. In games, I was around 83-84 miles per hour. A few miles per hour is a lot in college makes a difference. It makes your other pitches better. I couldn’t figure out to consistently throw that way.”

The 6-foot-3, 170-pound pitcher noted that the problems he is having are correctable if he puts in the necessary work on his technique and works on getting stronger.

“Mechanic wise, I have problems with that, which a lot of pitchers do,” he said. “When I get down there, I am going to be dedicated to school and I am going to work out a lot to try to get stronger.”

Melton said playing in Class 1A didn’t prepare him for what he faced while at Wallace State in Hanceville.

“It is a lot better competition than I faced here (Fayetteville),” Melton said. “We did play some good teams such as Stanhope Elmore. In college, you have batter 1-9 that can hit decent, so that’s the main thing. It is not like pitching 1A competition and you get through the first four or fiver hitters, then, it is a break. Up there you have to have your best stuff.”

Melton said he plans to do everything he can to take advantage of this opportunity and earn a scholarship to a four-year institution.

“I am going to work hard, because I do want to play on the next level one day,” Melton said. ”With hard work and I dedication I feel like it possible. It is all up to me, with how hard I want to work. I just can’t wait to get down there and work out.”

Melton will officially sign his scholarship on Aug.1.

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