Board to use Octagon soap to get rid of beavers
by Chris Norwood
Work on the cargo apron at the Talladega airport has been delayed by heavy rains lately, but board engineer Ken Gilbert remained optimistic that the project will be completed in a timely fashion.

In the meantime, bids for the next phase of the project had been opened and awarded to a Mississippi company. The next question will be if the money from the federal government will be available to move the project forward.

Gilbert said no announcement about the funding had been made, but remained optimistic.

“I think this project will be funded, just so we can get it over with,” he said.

The next phase will involve paving and putting cement over the apron.

The board has said on many occasions over the years that creating a cargo hub was a top priority, and the construction of a cargo apron is essential in reaching this goal.

Also Tuesday, the board:

• Discussed a possible tenant for the old Harley-Davidson building, who Chairman Ray Miller said was no longer returning calls.

• Discussed beaver dams that were causing persistent drainage problems. Removal of the dams had failed, so the board will now try to use Octagon soap to get rid of the beavers.

• Agreed to send Miller and other interested board members to Albertville to discuss a flight school.

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