2 arrested for attempting to steal from Kmart
by David Atchison
Pell City Police arrested two men who allegedly were attempting to steal thousands of dollars of merchandize from the Kmart store Tuesday night.

Authorities identified the suspects, who were charged with first-degree theft of property, as Percy Lawson, 56, of 1114 Fourth Terrance, West, Birmingham, and Reginald Bernard Conwell, 49, 3021 Granville Avenue, Bessemer.

Police Chief Greg Turley said shortly after 9 p.m., Sgt. Doug Carden was doing a routine business check when he spotted a man climbing over a fence behind the Kmart store.

Turley said while Carden was giving out his location, he saw another man, who appeared to be with the other man, stealing televisions from the store.

He said Carden called for more units after he saw several televisions in the back of one of the suspect’s vehicle.

Turley said more than $3,000 worth of stolen merchandise was recovered.

The theft is still under investigation.

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