by Laura Nation-Atchison
It’s not unusual at all for Gruffy to make up his own words for things.

Thankfully, though, he doesn’t do it much in the newspaper, and if he does, someone on the news desk will catch it.

He cracked me up once again this week when he was carting a great big box up the front steps for me.

“I suppose this is from the Home Shopping Center,” he announced.

Well, we all know what he meant, it’s like when he calls the service station near our Pell City office the “Shop-a-Field” instead of what it really is.

The Shop and Fill.

And as much as he deals with the court system, when he talks about a “misdemeanor,” it just comes out like “Mr. Meaner.”

He’ll call the news desk or photo department and tell them a law enforcement agency is “beefing up “patros.”

And we all know what he really means there, too.

It’s funny how we all have our “word issues,” mine are usually associated with pronunciation.

I like to blame it on all the extensive dental work in my mouth, but that’s probably not totally true.

Words I can’t say: Anesthestist, prosthetics, just about anything associated with a “th.”

It worries me sometimes that with this “speech impediment” people might think I am inebriated.

But I’m not.

I just can’t speak all that well with certain sounds.

Thinking about these things made me turn to the Internet for other issues other people have with words, and lo and behold, I found ‘The 100 Most Often Mispronounced Words and Phrases in English.”

It’s good.

So good I’m going to toss out a few of them for your enjoyment.

Don’t say “affidavid,” say “affidavit.”

Don’t say “acrossed, say across.”

Don’t say “old timer’s disease,” say “Alzheimer’s Disease.”

Don’t say “bob wire,” say “barbed wire.”

Don’t say “bidness,” say “business.”

Don’t say “a blessing in the skies,” say “a blessing in disguise.”

Don’t say “carpool tunnel syndrome,” say “carpal tunnel syndrome.”

Ok, we’re all heard this one-don’t say “chester drawers,” say “chest of drawers.”

But I’ve never heard this one before-don’t say “chomp at the bit,” say “champ at the bit.”

Said that one all my life!

I couldn’t believe this one actually has happened…don’t say “it’s a doggy dog world,” say “it’s a dog eat dog world.”

Don’t say “fillum,” say “film.”

Ha-I like that one, too.

Don’t say “heighth,” say “height,” and don’t say “Laura Norder,” say “law and order.”

And never say “irregardless,” say “regardless.” The explanation here is that “less” already means “without” so there is no need to repeat the same sentiment with “ir…”

We have a few funny ones that hit the newsroom from time to time too. We have lots of people who want to “renew their prescription” (thank goodness!) and we get lots of calls about wrecks “in the medium.”

I have a former co-worker who would respond to that one by saying “Are you sure it wasn’t the extra large?”

Oh, we all have our word issues, and most of the time they bring out some pretty good laughs.

Hope you enjoyed some of these.

© 2013