Pell City police receive 2,533 calls
by David Atchison
The Pell City Police Department received a total of 2,533 calls during the month of June, according to the department’s monthly report.

According to the report, patrol officers made 60 arrests, wrote 59 warnings and issued 128 citations.

The Detective Division worked 79 misdemeanor and 46 felony cases, including 10 burglaries, 32 theft of property, and 13 unlawful breaking and entering of vehicles.

The city’s animal control officer drove 1,985 miles during routine patrol, picking up 54 animals, which included 40 cats, 12 dogs and 2 wildlife animals.

The Police Department’s marine police patrol was on the lake about 37 hours in June. During that period, marine police issued 13 warnings, stopped 28 vessels, inspected 11 vessels, assisted six boaters, removed four hazards and made 54 general patrols.

— David Atchison
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