Hundreds line up for food giveaway
by Elsie Hodnett
LINCOLN – The Food Bank of Central Alabama in Birmingham and the Lincoln Food Pantry Inc. gave away thousands of pounds of food to approximately 250 families Thursday.

Lincoln Food Pantry President Marie Moore said the first person arrived at 5 a.m., even though the giveaway did not begin until 10 a.m.

“We were swamped with people from all over,” she said. “We had more people from Talladega than anywhere else.”

Moore said everyone was very orderly and the people were very appreciative of the food.

Lincoln Food Pantry board member Bonnie Ponder said Teen Challenge assisted with setup, unloading the truck and carrying food out to vehicles.

“We had 25 volunteers in addition to the Teen Challenge volunteers,” she said.

Ponder said she was surprised people arrived as early as they did and stood in line for hours to receive food.

“I didn’t realize that many people needed food,” she said.

Moore said although they ran out of tickets, everyone who came received some food.

“We gave out meat, frozen potatoes, soup, corn, beans, beef stew, spaghetti and sauce, fruit cocktail, juice and more,” she said. “The people who came later received less pounds of food, but they all got some food.”

Moore said she wants to thank the Lincoln Parks and Recreation Department for use of the Lincoln City Center to host the giveaway.

“The Food Bank officials said it was a very well-organized food giveaway,” she said.

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