TOP Trails Park open to public once again
by Chris Norwood
TALLADEGA COUNTY — After being closed out of an abundance of caution after the discovery of unexploded munitions, TOP Trails Park is once again open.

According to Park Director Mick Barnett, “We are excited to have the park back open again, and look forward to having people come out and do what they love, enjoying the four wheeling and family fun.”

After the park was closed, Barnett said the National Park Service had been notified of the concerns. “They took the information and said they saw no reason for us to do anything else. It was not their job to open or close the park, they said that was up to the park board. The board decided to reopen after nothing else was found.”

Regarding the unexploded munitions that had been found in the park, Barnett said a report from Fort Benning, Ga., showed there was “zero percent chance” of any of them igniting or exploding if run over with a four-wheeler. “The board looked at the report, and decided to go ahead and reopen.”

The board did not actually meet, Barnett added. He said chairman Tommy Spears had sent out an e-mail suggesting the reopening, and there had been no dissent.

The area currently occupied by the park was part of a munitions works and storage facility during World War II.

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