Councilman Elston continues to recover
by Chris Norwood
Talladega City Councilman Jarvis Elston is continuing to recover after collapsing June 25.

Back at home in Talladega, Elston said reports that he had suffered a heart attack or stroke were inaccurate.

“It really could have been a lot worse,” he said Tuesday. “I was at a restaurant, waiting to get something to eat, when I started to feel dizzy. I passed out, and the doctors said I suffered a concussion from that. The root cause of the problem is still undetermined, but the doctors and cardiologists are still reviewing the tests, and we’re still waiting for the results.”

Elston said he was grateful for the public response.

“I want to thank the city and all the citizens for all the prayers, phone calls, messages and cards that came in throughout this process. I am at home, recuperating now, and getting plenty of rest.”

He said any concerns that residents of Ward 2 might have should be passed along to City Manager Brian Muenger or his staff, who would make sure the councilman stayed well informed.

“I want to thank everyone,” he said. “Ward 2 has been very good to me, and pleased with my efforts for them, I think. And I am very pleased with the welcome I have received as their (fairly) new representative. I am proud to serve them.

“I still have some personal goals that I want to achieve, and some milestones that I would like to accomplish,” he added. “And I’ve still got at least two and a half years to get those things done.”

Elston is currently serving his first term representing Ward 2 on the Talladega City Council.

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