A true heroine in Sylacauga
In the past six weeks Stephanie Parker has been through more pain than most people would suffer in multiple lifetimes, and says she would do it again if she had to.

She is the young woman who was shepherding preschoolers off of the playground at Sylacauga’s First United Methodist Church’s kindergarten after she heard a tree limb crack overhead.

She got the kids out of the way, but Parker was still a few steps away from safety when she was trapped underneath a massive tree limb that 30 men weren’t able to lift off of her.

She has recovered enough to return home, but is still getting regular therapy. She is still months away from being able to try to put weight on her legs again.

But her life-changing injuries haven’t dimmed her love for the children in her care. Her devotion to protecting her “babies” is inspiring, and her motivation to get well is to eventually return to working with children.

She put herself at risk to get the children out of harm’s way. That’s an unmistakable sign of heroism. We certainly wish her well in her continuing recovery.

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