TCSO, US Marshals team up for 'Operation Verify'
by Shane Dunaway
The Talladega County Sheriff’s Department partnered with U.S. Marshals and law enforcement officials from Talladega, Childersburg, Sylacauga and Lincoln to conduct “Operation Verify” Monday and Tuesday.

The operation involved visiting the residences of 114 randomly-chosen registered sex offenders in the county to ensure the offenders are living where they claim to be and are complying with Alabama Act 2011-640, known as the Sex Offender Registration and Community Notification Act.

“This type of operation we do periodically to review the registered sex offenders residing in Talladega County to ensure they’re in compliance with the law, and to determine and identify the violators, to bring them into custody or whatever needs to be done to make sure they’re in compliance,” Sheriff Jimmy Kilgore said. “We also do this to ensure the safety of our citizens who live in the communities where some of these (offenders) reside.”

Of those selected for review, six offenders failed to be in compliance. Two of the offenders have since been arrested and warrants will be issued for the remaining four in the coming days.

During the operation, five other arrests were made, including one for an unnamed offender who was in possession of a stolen vehicle.

Ten of the offenders could not be located or verified. Kilgore said investigations would continue until those offenders are found.

According to Investigator Barry Kinsey, there are anywhere between 265-275 registered sex offenders living in the county at any given point, and some of the offenders move up to five times in a year.

Kinsey said sex offenders must register four times per year and within three days of changing residence. Any personal information that changes, including phone numbers and email addresses, must also be reported within three days.

Kilgore thanked the U.S. Marshals and the local police departments for their involvement in the two-day endeavor.

“It really takes a collaborative effort like we put together for this operation,” Kilgore said. “I was very pleased to see that effort, and they did a good job reviewing where these offenders are and making sure they’re in compliance with the law.”

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