Movin', groovin' and learning, too
by Laura Nation-Atchison
They did “the swim,” “the twist,” a little disco even the current dance rage“Gangham Style.”

And through it all, they laughed and clapped, jumped up and down and sang along to some favorite tunes.

But the percussion dynamo Mark Seymour doesn’t stop with being a major ball of energy, his entertainment presentations include teaching life lessons like building character and confidence, encouraging creativity and throwing in lots of fun.

Seymour brought his talents to Talladega’s Ritz Theatre Thursday for the Armstrong-Osborne Library’s Summer Reading Program.

About 100 youngsters got in on the action and entertainment and were introduced to just about any kind of percussion instrument imaginable and experienced how music, dance and old fashioned fun adds up to an outstanding experience.

And it wasn’t just the young folks who loved the show, adults in the audience were tapping their toes and clapping to the beat, too.

“Oh, this is just great,” said Donnelle Proctor of Talladega, who accompanied a group for the event.

George Culver, executive director for Talladega’s Ritz Theatre, had a lot to say about Seymour’s presentation as well.

“This guy is amazing,” Culver said. “He’s just fantastically talented and the kids loved it. And so did I.”

The program was free for all children registered for the library’s Summer Reading Program.

Seymour has more than 25 years in the music business and has a self-expressed enthusiasm for encouraging children.

He does programs for schools and libraries and also does programs for churches and other groups.

“I know the challenges that educators face as they seek to provide outstanding educational opportunities for students,” he says. “In this tender age of peer pressure, Be at Your Best teaches our children to believe in themselves and value who they are as an individual.”

The Odenville resident brings and plays almost 70 different percussion instruments for his presentations.

Seymour’s original songs include "Don't Be a Bully," "Catch The Reading Bug," “The Magic Drumsticks," "Step to the Beat and Read" and many more.

Seymour strives to take his audiences "Around the World" with drums and music and introduces many exotic instruments.

“I believe that music and humor are such wonderful vehicles to show students that learning can be fun,” he said.

You can learn more about his programs by visiting his website at

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