Hannah is new principal at CVES
by David Atchison
PELL CITY — Jennifer Hannah walked into Coosa Valley Elementary School for the first time 30 years ago as a fourth-grade student. Tuesday she returned to the school as its new principal.

“I’m having another first day at Coosa Valley,” Hannah, 39, said from her new office. “This is a path God has set before me.”

Thirty years ago, Hannah could never have imagined she would one day be the Coosa Valley Elementary School principal.

“I feel like this is something God has planned for me,” she said. “This is better than anything I could have planned out for myself.”

Hannah even lives in the neighborhood she grew up in 30 years before. She, her husband, Jason, and their three children, Hallie Kate, 13, Ty, 10, and Cason, 8, moved into a home in a neighborhood across from the elementary school just last year.

“I am so overwhelmed with excitement,” Hannah said.

Hannah began her teacher career at Moody Elementary School, where she taught first- and second-grades for four years.

In 2000, she joined the Pell City School System as an elementary teacher at Eden Elementary School.

Hannah taught first- through fourth-grades, and served as a Title I coordinator for Eden Elementary School.

“My heart is in the elementary grade levels,” she said.

Hannah completed her undergraduate work at Auburn University and received her master’s degree from the University of Alabama in Birmingham.

She received her administrative certification 10 years ago from the University of Alabama’s Gadsden campus. Hannah said at that time she and her husband were starting a family and building a home.

“I also needed to gain more experience,” Hannah said.

Hannah worked at the Eden Elementary School Title I job for six to seven years before she returned to the classroom as a fourth-grade teacher.

“So I really do remember what it is like to be a teacher,” she said.

Hannah said there are new changes to the Coosa Valley Elementary School building since she attended school there.

“I think they have had two new additions,” she said. “But my two classrooms are still here, still intact.”

Hannah said when former Coosa Valley Elementary School principal Tammie Stewart announced her retirement, she saw a possible opportunity for advancement, so she applied for the position. She will officially step in as Coosa Valley Elementary principal July 1.

But now that she is back in her old school, it is a comfortable place for the experienced educator.

“I already feel so at home here,” Hannah said. “I do want to say that this school is already an amazing place for children. I’m walking into a great school, and I’m looking forward to many years of serving the teachers and students at Coosa Valley.”

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