Are you missing 2 little piggies? Authorities have them in custody
by David Atchison
PELL CITY — Authorities say they have two little piggies in custody who can’t go wee, wee, wee all the way home.

“We don’t know who the owner is,” said Rose Ogden, animal control officer for the Pell City Police Department.

Ogden said she received a call Friday about some pigs in a woman’s garden.

“I couldn’t catch them,” she said.

The pigs were first seen near the Kings Circle area, ironically not far from Royal Sausage plant on 19th Street.

Authorities said the piglets were spotted again Saturday night, and Pell City police officer Scott Martin was able to capture one of them near 17th Avenue South.

Ogden said apparently Sunday morning a resident caught the other “little piggy” in a trap, and took it unharmed to the police station.

Ogden said she met Pell City police officer Jimmy Woodard, who took the second pig to the Pell City Animal Shelter. She removed the pig from the police car and put it into an outside pen at the shelter.

“They are friendly pigs,” Ogden said.

She was not sure of the relationship between the two pigs, but said they seemed happy to be reunited.

Ogden also said the two pigs aren’t talking.

“I don’t even think I heard a grunt,” she said.

The two pigs “pigged-out” on food after arriving at the shelter.

“They love dog food,” Ogden said.

In the meantime, Ogden said, the Police Department is trying to locate the owner of the two pigs so the two little piggies can go wee, wee, wee all the way home.

“There’s not three, just two,” she said.

As required by law, Ogden notified the Alabama Department of Agriculture and Industrial Relations about the two stray pigs.

State officials are required to advertise that the two pigs are at the Pell City Animal Shelter for 15 days, and if nobody claims the two porkers, their bacon could be cooked.

Ogden said hopefully, the owner will come forward and the pigs can return home safely.

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