Big crowd turns out for Grits Festival
by Mark Ledbetter
KYMULGA — The biggest crowd ever from local, county and area residents attended Saturday’s Grits Festival at Kymulga Grist Mill and Covered Bridge Park.

Childersburg resident and volunteer Mike Little said it was the biggest crowd he has ever seen at the Festival. He said people were lined up for the shrimp and grits before the event opened and the dish was sold out by 11 a.m.

Food seemed the primary interest of some guests. Hamburgers and hot dogs were prepared on the new grill, boiled corn-on-the-cob, pinto beans with cornbread and onion, and boiled peanuts were available for purchase.

Other food items available pound cake, peach pie and apple pie slices, cookies and ice cream.

Also available were live entertainment, a variety of vendors, as well as games and recreation for kids.

Morris Ansley of Talladega said the corn-on-the-cob was delicious and Charlotte Baker, also of Talladega, said they were enjoying the day. Ansley said he had lots of fun looking but he wasn’t shopping.

One visitor retired captain of Criminal Investigation Division for the Talladega Police Department and his wife said they were enjoying the event. The retired officer said it was a beautiful day for the event and his wife said it was important to do what they can to support the mill and its historical value to Talladega County.

Both compared the event to the Nora Mill Granary in Helens, Ga.

“Our grits are as good as theirs,” she said.

She also said she thought the local mill could market their grits and could be as popular as the products sold by Nora Mills.

Daniel Richards and his son and daughter from Calera and said his family came to visit family in Fayetteville who invited them to come to the Grits Festival. Richards said they enjoyed the food.

Childersburg’s Randy Peoples said his son and family from Enterprise were visiting him for Father’s Day. Peoples said they drove up early Saturday, and after the Grits Festival plan to drive back. They enjoyed the pinto beans and hot dogs.

Funds generated by the event will go towards securing the grist mill’s foundation and developing other park attractions. Securing the foundation is the next item on the Childersburg Historical Preservation Commission’s agenda for the park and hopefully it will be secured this month.

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