Housing authority talk funding shortfalls in Section 8 program
by Chris Norwood
The Talladega Housing Authority voted 4-0 Tuesday night to cover possible shortfalls in the Section 8 program with leftover administrative funds rather than accepting additional money from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.

Rather than operating federally subsidized housing projects, the Section 8 program provides vouchers to low-income families renting private dwellings.

According to Housing Authority Executive Director Nettie Goodwin, the program currently is bringing in $65.85 per month at a cost of $73.75 per month. HUD estimates an overall shortfall in the program of about $18,000, while Goodwin’s figures are closer to $33,000.

HUD has funds available to cover the shortfalls in the Section 8 program, Goodwin explained. The problem was, if the board accepted these funds, any Section 8 rental property vacated during the year could not be re-leased to another tenant in the program.

There is an alternative, however. The board has about $23,182 in unrestricted, administrative funds in the bank. If these funds are used rather than federal shortfall funds, any rentals that are moved out of during the year may be rented to other families in the program.

Goodwin recommended the board take the latter approach, and the board agreed unanimously. The vote was 4-0 because board member Jim Preuitt was absent.

There are currently only about 30 families in Talladega participating the in the Section 8 program.

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