Roszell gets first points win of season at TST
In all of the first races of the season, Tim Roszell finished in the top five or better but couldn’t capture first place. All of that changed this past Saturday when he earned a first place finish at the Talladega Short Track (TST). Roszell technically won at TST this season back on March 9, but points season officially began with the race on March 16.

In fact, Roszell dominated at the track this past weekend. Not only did he start out in first place in the feature event of the Chevrolet of Boaz Super Late Model division by capturing the pole with a time of 13.710, but he also remained in first place for the entirety of the race.

Roszell, of J W Motorsports, started the season with a fifth place finish and has only improved his finishes in the five races of the season since that time. Six of the season’s races have been cancelled due to severe rain. Following the first race, two races were cancelled due to rain, but Roszell bounced back with three consecutive second place finishes.

Earlier this month on May 11, the Anniston resident finished in fourth place at TST. At the qualifying pole, he finished one-tenth of a second away from setting a new time record. His 12.959 time was impressive, but unfortunately for him 16-year-old Munford resident Brett Holmes edged his time by finishing the pole with the top time and the best time ever recorded to date at 12.958.

Holmes, a top candidate for rookie of the year, finished the May 25 race at TST in fifth place. Rounding out the top five were: Jake Knowles in second place, Chris Mullinax in third place and Skip Freeman in fourth place.

Roszell is the current points leader in the Chevrolet of Boaz Super Late Models division at TST with 141 total points as of May 25. Terry Smith was in second place with 110 points, while Danny Peoples was in third place with 108 points.

Brian Ponder was the leader in the Crate Late Models division with 146 points as of May 25. In second place was Jimmy Elkins with 110 points, while Ivan Meeks was in third place with 105 points. Ponder captured first place in the division’s race held on May 25.

Following are the full official results:



May 25, 2013


1) Brian Ponder 2) Adam Gauldin 3) Lee Burdette 4) Jeff Helms 5) Lain Hawk 6) Josh Trammell 7) Maddux Mullinax 8) Thomas Grau 9) Kelvin Kennedy 10) Jimmy Elkins 11) Ken Pate 12) Red Farmer 13) Ivan Meeks.


1) Tim Roszell 2) Jake Knowles 3) Chris Mullinax 4) Skip Freeman 5) Brett Holmes 6) Danny Peoples 7) Terry Smith 8) Chris Thomas 9) Carlton Freeman 10) Dennis Reno 11) Rod Carroll 12) David Newton 13) Destin Mince 14) Earl Smith 15) Brandon Davis 16) Buddy George 17) Dillon Crim.


1) Bubba Lackey 2) Dustin Stewart 3) Jonathon Chapman 4) Dallas Cooper 5) Steven Frosythe 6) Adam Cummings 7) Chris Achenbach 8) Jay Schiller 9) Dylan Smith 10) Mike Taylor 11) Steve Waters 12) David Kay 13) Jon Stewart.


1) Dale Poe 2) Keith Wilson 3) Zack Shelton 4) Tony Gray 5) Landon McElroy 6) Bradley Johnson 7) Bubba Saffold 8) Eric Smith 9) Sonia Newton 10) Jessie Hollis 11) Justin Angle 12) Robert George 13) Matt Nicholson 14) Christian Blackeney 15) Joseph Champion.


1) Luke Riddle 2) J.R. Brown 3) Donald Key 4) Richard Maye 5) Phillip Haynes 6) Troy Smith 7) Josh Yarbrough 8) Kyle Davidson 9) Blake McAvoy 10) Burtis Dent 11) Adam Hayes 12) Corey Maye.


1) Josh McBride 2) Corey Pressley 3) Terry Graves 4) Jacob Catlett Alex McQueen 6) Quention Wooten 7) Christy Graves 8) Thomas Champion 9) Mark McBride 10) Chase McAvoy 11) Joshua Clark 12) Michael Burdette.


1) Josh McBride 2) Corey Pressley 3) Jacob Catlett.

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