SABBA brings passion for fishing to Logan Martin Lake
PELL CITY—The Sportsman’s Association of Black Bass Anglers (SABBA) began their 17th annual Mega Bucks tournament Saturday at Lakeside Park on Logan Martin Lake.

“We would just like to thank the city of Pell City for giving us an invitation to fish Logan Martin again,” SABBA President Marlon Breedlove said. “Hopefully, we’ll get a chance to fish it another time.”

According to SABBA Public Relations Director Daniel Bojo, the group holds two big tournaments annually—the Mega Bucks tournament on Memorial Day weekend and the Super tournament held on Labor Day weekend. Bojo said fishers in the tournament ranged from all over the Southeast, including North Carolina, Arkansas, Mississippi, Georgia and Alabama.

On the first day of this year’s event, 42 boats were officially weighed with a total of 45 entries.

The No.24 boat, helmed by Al Horton of Palmetto, Ga., captured the top fish of the day weighing 5.25 lbs. The No.31 boat captured the top overall spot of the first day with a total weight of 17.44 lbs. for five live fish. Second place belonged to the No.39 boat helmed by the team of Reed/Barnett, capturing a total weight of 14.35 lbs. In third place was the team of Lonnie Dumas and Rogers Moore, who managed a 13.44 lbs. total for the first day.

Dumas said the conditions were not ideal, but he and Moore didn’t let that put a damper on their spirits.

“The water was a little dingy,” Dumas said. “You had the rain and when they opened up the dam up and they poured water, it was just a little dingy. Then it cleared and it got dingy. But tomorrow we expect to do the same thing we did, which was fish like mad. Fish like mad; see everything in sight because the fish are not in one place. They’re all over the lake.”

According to Moore, the team will tweak their plans slightly for today’s fishing but their overall objective remains the same.

“We’ve got to bring the same bag in tomorrow at minimum,” Moore said. “The name of the game is consistency. Based on what we did today, we should have stayed in a certain area a little longer earlier. I think we’re going to try it a little earlier and not go to a certain area we did go to and just concentrate on a certain area we’re we caught fish. We’re going to use up the morning bite in those areas. We hope to come out of there better by 9 a.m., hopefully.”

As to whether or not, they were more successful at a particular time of day, Dumas said they caught them all day, adding he wasn’t bragging; just stating the fact of the matter.

“We caught them all day, but it was slower in the afternoon,” Moore said. “It was just slower, but we worked hard to get them.”

Moore, who lives in Jacksonville, said his favorite fishing spot is Logan Martin Lake.

“I pretty much call this my home lake,” he said. “If I want to catch fish, I come here. If I want to have fun and catch fish, I come to Lake Logan.”

Dumas lives much further away in Stone Mountain, Ga., but he is also fond of Logan Martin Lake, Pell City, the people of Pell City, and the barbecue that can be found in Pell City.

“I just fished here at the Bass Open. I fish in Pell City,” Dumas said, before pointing to Moore and continuing, “This gentleman lives around here, and he’s very familiar with the lake. He fishes at the lake and I’ve been fishing the lake about 25 years. I love this place over here. I bring my grandson over here and we set up right over there and I take him out and we catch spider bass.”

Breedlove said seeing passionate fishermen like Dumas and Moore is typical of the Mega Bucks tournament.

“There’s nothing all that unique about it; it’s just the fact that we just like bass fishing as a sport,” Breedlove said. “Once you get to a certain point in life, you’ve done worked all your life and all this kind of stuff. We just love fishing anyway, so this is a good place to do it.”

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