Wallace uses spring to install schemes at LHS
For the fourth spring in a row, the Lincoln Golden Bears were learning a new system under a new head coach. First year head coach Brad Wallace said that the two weeks of practice allowed him evaluate his players and put in parts of his offensive and defensive schemes.

“It was pretty good,” Wallace said. “It was a transition for them to get used to me. I am just trying to find out who my players are and those sorts of things. We actually installed very little of our offense and defense, just trying to find out where we need to move players and that sort of thing. We just made it simple and hopefully, we can catch back up this summer and try to get everything ready to go for August. Everything was good. The kids are buying in, they just have to get used to my tempo.”

Wallace was hired in February, after Ryan Herring left to take the head-coaching job at Oxford. Before taking the helm at Lincoln, Wallace was the defensive coordinator at powerhouse Washington County High School in Georgia.

The change brought excitement to students, and it showed in the number of players that came out in spring. Lincoln had over 100 kids out the first few days, but the numbers dropped drastically after the first week.

“We had 105 and we worked down to 70,” Wallace said. “You are going to have that, the kids are trying to see if they want to be a part of it. There were some discipline issues, players missing practice and that sort of thing. I am going to be real strong on that and make them accountable for things that they are involved in with me. That took a toll on them a little bit.”

The Golden Bears played an inter squad game last Friday. The Lincoln native said there are a lot of things that his team must address in the off-season.

“We have a lot of work to do with our offense,” Wallace said. “This is probably the fourth scheme that has been put in front them in four years. It is going to take a little bit more to get used to it. A lot of stuff we run is one word type of stuff to make it quicker. It has taken them a little time to get used to the tempo that our offense practices. Defensively, they bought into it really well. I think it is simple for them. They did execute it, but it was by no means where they need to be. This is spring, so we have a long way to go to make sure we are in the places where we are supposed to be and make sure we are mentally prepared for the game. Physically, things are going to have to change; our tackling wasn’t as good as I thought it should be. We have a lot of work to do there.”

Several key returning players from last season’s second round playoff team were not able to participate fully in spring practice.

“We have a few injuries, and they didn’t get that much time in front of me as I wish they could have,” Wallace said. The more I watch them, the more I see what they are doing. Today, they came and worked out and all they were talking about was next football season. They were like what do we have to do to get ready for next football season. I am real excited about that mentality and hopefully, that carries on through the summer and into August when we start our practices. I am real excited about this football team.”

Wallace is looking forward to summer workouts, which starts in June.

“We have our weight program going on and we worked out this afternoon,” Wallace said. “We have worked out the last three afternoons trying to get them ready for summer. I am going to give them off Memorial week and get back June 3 all the way to July 4 week. It has taken them a little time, but we have a real good front, but we have to find some depth. Once we find our depth I think we will have a good football team.”

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