Schools Foundation makes a difference in Talladega
After 22 years, the Talladega City Schools Foundation is still going strong, with volunteers donating their time, talents and cash to help improve educational opportunities in the city’s school system. Since the organization’s founding, grant awards have totaled more than $200,000.

One of the founding members of the foundation, Bob McBride, was honored with a chair dedicated in his name at last week’s banquet, where 24 new grants were funded. The cost of this year’s grants is $14,000, but their value is far greater.

Teachers in the city system apply to the foundation with their requests. The foundation's primary mission is to extend the educational opportunities beyond what is normally part of public schools. The foundation looks for creative grant ideas that will benefit as many students as possible.

The foundation was fortunate to be able to fund two dozen grants this year, covering a wide array of materials for ideas to help stimulate learning and achievement.

Students in every school in the system will benefit in some way from the philanthropic work accomplished by the foundation.

Two special grants were presented earlier in the school year — one to enable the high school robotics team to compete at Auburn, and another to help purchase equipment for a new archery program at the middle school.

Other grants will help enhance learning in science, technology, language, physical education, music and more. There was one grant for special needs students, and another for gifted students. In all of these areas, these teachers will have extra tools for their students that the school system was unable to provide.

The presentation of McBride’s chair is the eleventh recognition of giving at a level of $10,000. Most were given in memory or in honor of individuals in the community.

The foundation is made up of business people, civic leaders and individuals who represent a cross section of the population and who are interested in helping children of the community by offering them expanded educational opportunities. It is independent from the school system, with members deciding which grants to fund, and donations are tax deductible.

Foundation members and donors represent the best in a community. They show their pride in Talladega by going the extra mile to help make it a better place to live, grow and learn. And the teachers who apply for the grants make a special effort to inform themselves about new methods and tools that can help their students become the best they can be through enhanced learning experiences. They represent pride in their profession and dedication to those they serve.

We commend the cooperative efforts between the community and the faculty to help provide these materials and experiences for the students in Talladega’s classrooms. The educational benefits for everyone involved will last for a lifetime.

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