Perry signs with TC
LINCOLN—If a coach asks her, Molly Perry will play just about any position on the softball field. Lincoln head coach Jessica Dorough said that will serve as a major asset at the next level, as Perry formally signed to stay in Talladega County and play for Talladega College Tuesday in the Lincoln cafeteria.

“Molly is phenomenal wherever you put her,” Dorough said. “You can put her at third base, you can put her at shortstop, you can put her in left field, you can put her in center field, you can put her anywhere. That’s going to really benefit her in college—being able to be that versatile.”

TC head coach CJ Combs is also excited by the possibilities Perry brings due to her ability to play multiple positions.

“Molly is very versatile,” Combs said. “I can put her in the middle infield. I can probably put her in the outfield if I wanted to; another good hitter, very cognitive. I like where her grade point is.”

Combs said Perry, along with her teammate Brandy Decker, who also signed with TC, will be great teammates at the next level.

“They’re both going to be leaders right away I think,” Combs said. “They’re going to be awesome. They’re going to be a great pair.”

Dorough noted Perry and Decker were great teammates at Lincoln, and Perry has the work ethic to find success.

“She’s very passionate,” Dorough said. “She’s a real hard worker as well. These are two kids that will stay after practice and get extra cuts or get extra ground balls, you know, just work to improve their skills.”

While Perry does have a position where she is most comfortable, she will play wherever the coach tells her to play.

“Shortstop—I’m most comfortable there, but I can play outfield, third base, anywhere you stick me, I’m going to do my best at it,” Perry said.

Perry felt great in making her signing with TC official.

“I’m pretty pumped about it,” Perry said. “I’ve been waiting on something and they finally came along, so I’m pretty excited about it.”

She said playing close to home was a factor in her decision.

“That way I didn’t have to go spend money for a dorm or anything like that, so I’m just going to live at home while I do it,” Perry said. “My dad wanted me to go there because it’s closer; that way I could stay at home and wouldn’t have so much time in college and can still see them and everything.”

Signing with TC does not mean she is content; she plans on working hard on improving her game before the season arrives.

“I’ve really got to get my bat speed going,” she said.

“I’m going to work on that all summer to get it going. Then, just do some practice over the summer; probably me and Brandy will get together and do something.”

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