Honda donates truck to Presbyterian Home
by Chris Norwood
TALLADEGA — The Presbyterian Home for Children and Hope Academy are the proud owners of a new Honda Ridgeline pickup, courtesy of Honda Manufacturing. Karla Conway, director of resource development for Presbyterian Home/Hope Academy, said the organization had been looking for a new truck for some time. After learning that Honda has a donation program for organizations its associates volunteer with, she wrote an application, and it was selected.

Honda associates volunteer in several programs at the home and school, particularly in the robotics program, Conway said.

The new truck will be used by both the Presbyterian Home and Hope Academy.

“It gets very good mileage, so it will be particularly helpful making trips to Birmingham for doctors appointments and things like that. Normally we would use a van for those trips, but that gets expensive, especially if you’re just transporting one or two at a time. And, of course, we’ll be using it to haul things around campus, too. It will go into the motor pool, but the mileage will make it particularly useful for longer trips,” Conway said.

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