Calvary Baptist youth serving others right here at home
by Mark Ledbetter
CHILDERSBURG — Youth from Calvary Baptist Church in Childersburg gathered at Gary and Jo Ann Morris’ house Saturday and cleaned the yard and helped put on a new metal roof.

“They were a blessing, they really were,” Jo Ann Morris said.

The project helped fulfill a vision for Pastor Paul Hickman, who said the church’s youth have been involved in other projects, but they were always at out-of-state locations.

Troy Bearden, owner of M and B Building Supplies in Childersburg, said he has participated in out-of-state mission projects, but wanted to get the church’s youth involved in a project in Childersburg.

“We were trying to help out the community and get the youth involved in the community,” Bearden said. “Everything that we’re doing trying to get the kids involved in the community helps the community out.”

Youth Pastor Cale Thompson said most of his kids have been active in out-of-state projects. He said last December they spent a week at a homeless shelter in Atlanta.

Thompson said although the youth have been involved in missions in other states, they wanted to show Childersburg their love for the city.

“That means a lot to me,” Thompson said.

Church member Mandi Phillips helped with the project. She said some of the youth arrived at the church at 6 a.m. and didn’t leave until after dark, around 8 p.m.

“They did a lot more than roof,” Phillips said. “We cleared the curb, flower beds, limbs, trees; they worked in the yard and they worked hard.”

“They work hard in the name of God and work above and beyond in their work ethics and love for others,” Thompson said.

Bearden said the group selected the Morris house when they realized it needed repairs, but the family didn’t have the finances to pay anyone to make the repairs.

“He (Bearden) has a big heart,” Phillips said. “She (Jo Ann Morris) came in to purchase the materials, but didn’t have the money. She said her roof was falling in and something had to be done.”

Bearden said M and B sold Morris the materials at cost and he pulled a crew in to assist with the roofing. He estimated the job would have cost $5,500 if Morris had to pay for it all.

Morris said she didn’t have home owners insurance.

“At my age I can’t get it (insurance) and I try to save, and the more you save, something takes your money and it gets more expensive,” she said.

Bearden said there were other projects to be completed at the Morris’ and he would return to complete them.

“We give God the glory, and want to give the kids their props, and let community know there is help,” Phillips said.

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