Herring meets and greets with THS community
TALLADEGA- Thursday marked a new day for the Talladega football and band programs. Head football coach Robert Herring and Dewayne Players were introduced as the new leaders of those respective programs to the community in the school’s lunchroom. Talladega principal Darren Anglin believes both hires were moves in the right direction.

“I am real excited for the potential for both programs,” Anglin said. “It is a very unique situation to have a new band director with a new way of looking at the band and also have a brand new football coach come in the same year. You don’t hear about that happening very much at all. They already met and they seem to be hitting it off. A lot of people are excited about what’s going to happen next. Anytime you have new people coming in, the students are interested. They may not have been interested in band or football before. Because you have a new person coming in they may want to give it a chance. That’s what I asked both of them, to make it their goal. Let’s get as many kids involved with these programs as possible. Every opportunity for them to be involved in a school activity keeps them from being involved in something negative. I am real excited about that.”

Talladega head football coach Robert Herring met with almost every one of the 50 people that came out to show their support.

“I am excited to be here,” Herring said. “Coach Cochran has been my eyes and my ears here, because I have to finish the year up at B.B. Comer. We have given out all of the equipment and it is a lot of kids coming out in big numbers. It is a buzz around town and it is a good thing. Hopefully, we can get into spring and get these kids out, get some attitudes changed.”

Herring said the community has shown a great deal of support since he was hired on April 9th.

“The community has treated me great,” Herring said. “I already have a house here and that is the biggest thing. I am bringing in a few coaches and keeping some of the coaches that were here. Everything is working out great and I couldn’t be happier. I am glad to be in Talladega and I plan on being here for years.”

The first year head coach stressed the importance of academics while meeting with members of the community. He articulated that a kid’s talent without grades wont take you far outside of your high school.

“I want to turn these boys into men,” Herring said. “It is not just athletics, it is academics. Without academics you cant go far no matter how good you are. You got to have that GPA and ACT. It don’t matter if you are an All-American here if you don’t have the grades here is as far as your going. The first thing we have to do is get these kids in the ninth grade and make sure their on the right academic track. You get that going first you will eventually win, that comes second.”

Band director Duane Player led Pell City’s band last year. He said he couldn’t pass up the opportunity to come back home.

“It is a very good feeling and a lot of expectations,” Player said. “I am excited about getting back to the kids and giving back. It is a great day to be home. I cant explain it. It is unreal to know that you can come back, give back to the community and show them a different side of life.”

Precision marching, formations and recognizable music had the fans on both sides of the stands dancing or singing a long with the band last season. Player hopes that halftime will be enjoyable for everyone in attendance next fall.

“I am going to bring some good times, some good music, good marching- just a quality band,” Player said.

Herring and the Tigers will take the field Monday for spring practice.

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