by malfeasance
<p><span >Looks like the party is over at Fayetteville Water Authority, the cleaning squad has arrived.&#160; &#34;The powers that be&#34; has changed to &#34;the powers that were&#34; thanks to Commissioner Jimmy Roberson and the good citizens of Fayetteville that had the backbone to complain about the way the chairman and the board were frivolously spending the FWA's money and unethical management.</span></p> <p><span >The meeting was packed wall to wall with family members of manager Johnny Tubbs... <strong>WHY</strong>?&#160; He is still employed by the water authority, still drives the water authority's $60,000 truck for work AND personal use, still gets his health insurance FREE, still gets his bonus, still gets paid for 19 holiday/personal days and still gets paid for unused personal and vacation days... what are they so angry about?&#160; I don't get it.</span></p> <p><span >A Tubbs family member accused a resident of being the cause of the FWA's problems because she complained about UNLAWFUL charges (see Attorney General Luther Strange 2013-007 opinion) she was forced to pay in order to have her water turned on.&#160; Purely laughable and entertaining.</span></p> <p><span >Why didn't Mr. Dunaway include in this article the threat and bodily harm that a Tubbs family member made to a board member?&#160; He was sitting right there and everyone there heard it.</span></p> <p><span >I have faith in this board.&#160; Fayetteville Water Authority WILL be ran legally AND ethically now.&#160; If anyone has a problem with that... well maybe they've just had their hand in the cookie jar too long and they are afraid the jar is fixin' to be taken away.</span></p> <p><span >MOO</span></p>
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