Lincoln, Childersburg win County track meet
LINCOLN- The Lincoln girls and the Childersburg boys won the 2013 Talladega County track meet on Tuesday at Lincoln High School.

The Lady Golden Bears had a score of 216 points. According to Lincoln coach Mary Rivers this is the 10th or 11th year in a row that Lincoln has won the county.

“It is awesome,” Rivers said. “When we got into it we were kind of worried because Childersburg has been working really hard and they had a lot of athletes in every event. I told the girls all they do is go out and do their best. Hopefully, they would come out on top and they did.”

Shelbi White was dominant on the track. The junior won the 100 with a time of 12.20. She won the 200 with a time of 24.70 and she won the 400 with 57.10.

“I wanted to focus on my times and not really the placing,” White said. “I wanted to run a 56 in the 400, but I ran a 57. I’ll take that and work harder the next track meet.”

Kierra Groce also had good day for Lincoln. The sophomore finished fourth in the 100 and she finished second in the 200.

“Shelbi had an awesome day, but I had a newcomer Kierra Groce,” White said. “She is a dual sport athlete. She plays softball and she runs track. Today was actually the first day that I could get her to myself and she did awesome. They all did well; Shelbi did wonderful as we expected, but Kierra shocked me and did a fabulous job.”

The Childersburg Lady Tigers finished second with a score of 157.

“This is the second year in a row that they finished second,” Childersburg head coach Barry Simmons said. “They have worked real hard. They dedicated them self to being a really good team. Mac Kelley really stood out for us today. She did really well. The Calhoun sisters: Shaquita, Quintessa and Canesha all did well. All of the girls did well and I really don’t want to mention them because we have so many. I felt like we could have come in first, we probably hurt our self in the middle distance stuff. Other than that I proud of the way that they competed.”

Sylacauga finished third with 73 points, TC Central finished fourth with 39 points, ASD finished fifth with 38 points, B.B.Comer came up sixth with 32 points, Munford finished seventh with a score 19.50, Winterboro finished eighth with a score of 12.50,Talladega finished ninth with five points and ASB finished with three points.

The Childersburg boys came in first place with a score of 154.33 points.

“It feels good,” Simmons said. “The kids worked really hard. For the last two or three years they have been edging closer and closer. This year, they finally closed the gap and I am proud of them.”

Simmons said he was impressed with the performance of Courtney Reynolds as well as the entire team.

“Senior Courtney Reynolds finished first in the triple (jump) and long (jump),” Simmons said. “He ran the 100 hurdles for the first time today and he finished second in it. He had a wonderful day. It was a team effort, everyone stepped up today especially in the field events. We had a lot of kids step up that ran different events today because of circumstance that they haven’t ran all year. They stepped in didn’t complain and did it. That kind of pushed us over the edge today. DJ Jones had a good day also.”

Sylacauga finished in second place with a score of 143.

Devin O’Neal successfully defended his crown in the 100 and 200 meter runs. He won the 100 with a time of 11.10 and he won the 200 with a time of 22.10. O’Neal also won the 400 and the 4x100 relay. For O’Neal, this is his second time being the county champion in the 100, his third time winning the 200 and his first time winning 400-meter championship.

“It is a blessing,” O’Neal said. “I hope my all my success carries over to the next level.”

Lincoln finished third with a score of 138, Munford finished fourth with a score of 63.83, B.B.Comer finished with a score of 46 points, ASD finished sixth with 26 points, followd by TC Central’s 19.83, Winterboro’s 19, Talladega’s 15 and ASB’s seven points.

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