Mabra Center to reopen today
Contractors were cleaning up after replacing the roof and support system at the B.N. Mabra Center Wednesday afternoon. The center is scheduled to reopen today.
TALLADEGA – The B.N. Mabra Center is scheduled to reopen today after having been closed for the past month, according to Talladega City Manager Brian Muenger.

The center was scheduled for a new roof and new air conditioning this year, but when workers got started on the initial project, they discovered that the decking underneath the old roof was crumbling and cracked, and that one of the plates was missing entirely.

The Talladega City Council approved a $51,000 emergency change order during a called meeting March 13.

Architect Cal Munroe explained to the council that the original plates had been made of concrete and gypsum, which were considered perfectly acceptable when the building was built. Leaks in the roof had caused the gypsum to deteriorate severely, and had also caused cracks in the concrete plates.

The new plates are one and a half inch thick metal, Munroe said.

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