Our View: Nanny state needs to back off
With the presence of home brewing clubs in eight Alabama counties, and hobbyists in other parts of the state making their own beer at home, it comes as a bit of a surprise to read that it’s illegal to own equipment to make alcohol in the state.

It seems Alabama is the last state where that’s the case, after Mississippi’s governor recently signed legislation that removed the threat of arrest for those making their own brews in that state.

Legislators risk the ire of voters who have no tolerance for loosening any restrictions on alcohol, which is a big reason that the state stands alone in the current prohibition.

But a bill has been introduced that would change that, and Gov. Robert Bentley says it’s fine with him as long as the hobbyists don’t sell what they make.

That’s as it should be. The bill makes that clear, and sets limits on how much can be produced.

This is the fifth year the bill has been introduced. It got through the Alabama House last
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