Our View: LMLPA cleanup crew deserves thanks
In spite of the bad weather, lake lovers came through once again in an annual cleanup project that has become a rite of spring.

The Logan Martin Lake Protection Association, a group of volunteers, organized the LMLPA Cleanup, which was held last weekend as planned, and in spite of storms that blew through the area, they collected an estimated 5 to 6 tons of garbage and debris.

Members and volunteers gave of their time and energy because they understand that by working together, they all benefit, whether they live on the lake or enjoy its benefits in other ways. It’s a mutual effort that helps everyone concerned.

Alabama Power helped out with barges to pick up some of the trash, and the mayors of Lincoln, Riverside and Pell City came out to help cook for volunteers at Saturday’s picnic.

Cleanup chairman Joe Hogeland asks those who use the lake to help pick up trash throughout the year.

But the LMLPA doesn’t limit itself to an annual cleanup day. The group takes an active role in water testing, the problems with geese, the effort to put a boardwalk over wetlands at Lakeside Park, and arguing for fairness in the multi-state water wars.

It’s encouraging to see residents take an active role in improvement efforts, and we thank all who joined in to help improve the lake for everyone.

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