Pell City Council approves funding for multisport event
by Elsie Hodnett
PELL CITY – The City Council approved a funding appropriation to the Greater Pell City Chamber of Commerce to bring a multisport event into the city this October at Monday’s council meeting.

At an earlier meeting held to discuss the possibility of Pell City hosting a multisport event, Therese Bynum, owner/director of Team Magic, Inc., a multisport event management company, suggested the city start with a Cyclo Cross (off road bike) Race and a Cross Country (trail) Run.

The council appropriated $1,500 to the Chamber, which will pay that fee to Team Magic.

Bynum said many of the athletes would participate in multiple races, and doing it on Halloween weekend would give attendees the opportunity to make a fun day of it with costumes and games.

Bynum said hosting the cross race event would cost $1,500. Team Magic would create the courses with obstacles the participants would have to cross. The city will provide volunteers to assist and coordinate with Team Magic staff as well as other assistance.

Ofes Forman Jr., group chairman, said the purpose of hosting the multisport events is to give back to the city.

“We will hold it the weekend of Halloween, and may include other events into that weekend as well,” he said. “On behalf of the citizens of Pell City, I want to thank the city officials and staff, and citizen supporters for bringing this event together for the benefit of Pell City. I hope to see it be a success this year and grow from there.”

In previous meetings, Forman said the group especially wants to hold a triathlon in the city.

Bynum said it typically takes one-and-a-half years to get a triathlon ready.

She said July 4, 2014, is a Friday, and would be a good day to begin the city’s first triathlon.

In other matters Monday, the council:

• Approved a proposal from RDS regarding the Business License Discovery and Recovery Program.

• Approved a motion to allow Randall and Willie Shumate to repair a sign they own and use it as before. Councilwoman Sharon Thomas abstained from the vote, and said she had rented the board before the election.

• Reappointed John Hoffman to the Planning & Zoning Board.

• Appointed Ofes Forman Jr., R.L. Mitchell and Kim Williams to the Industrial Development Board, each for a six-year term that expired Feb. 26, 2013.

• Denied a request by the library to apply for a grant for a library vehicle.

• Introduced a request for de-annexation of property located on Dry Creek Road. A motion to suspend the rules failed to gain unanimous vote, and it will hold and carry to the next meeting.

• Approved a resolution regarding the financing of the new fire truck.

• Rejected bids received on three utility vehicles for the Park and Recreation Department.

• Approved to solicit bids on two heavy-duty right wing rotary cutters for the street department’s new John Deere tractors.

• Approved the lowest quote from Goodgame Company for the Thomas Lane and Vaughan Lane curbing repair in the amount of $12,220.

• Approved a request to solicit bids for a fire rescue truck to be paid from the 2-mil fire tax.

• Approved a resolution regarding a proposal received from CDG Engineers to perform a roadway analysis.

• Appointed Alan Zeigler with Bradley Arant Boult Cummings as bond counsel.

• Approved an appropriation to the Greater Pell City Chamber of Commerce to support the Hall of Fame program in the amount of $3,000 ($1,000 from the city and $2,000 from private donations).

• Tabled a resolution regarding a proposal from Skipper Engineering pertaining to a traffic signal at the intersection of 19th Street and First Avenue South.

• Authorized City Manager Patrick Draper to sign all agreements with the Alabama Department of Transportation.

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