Transfer of old hospital property moves forward
by Elsie Hodnett
PELL CITY — City and county officials said plans continue to move forward to transfer the old hospital property wholly to the city.

“We currently have in place a resolution the Pell City City Council passed in December authorizing the mayor, city manager and city attorney to prepare the documents and agreements for the property transfers,” city manager Patrick Draper said.

Draper said the resolution includes:

• The transfer of the old hospital property and the DHR (old St. Clair County Department of Human Resources) property from the county to the city.

• The transfer of the property at 1618 Cogswell Ave. from the city to the county.

• The assumption by the city of the $4 million debt currently owed by the county for the purchase of the old hospital property.

St. Clair County Commission Chairman Stan Batemon said he recently met with Mayor Joe Funderburg and Draper.

“They are still very much in favor of the city wholly owning the old hospital property, and everything is still in the works,” he said.

Batemon said the county had to get the old DHR property transferred to them from the St. Clair County Healthcare Authority, which happened at the end of February.

“There is no rush on the county end, no timetable to get this done — it will happen when the city is ready,” he said.

Draper said since the city recently approved a resolution with the Board of Education to continue sharing a portion of the 2010 1-cent tax increase, the city is looking at financing options.

“In light of recent developments, including the recent agreement with the BOE and other factors, we will continue searching out options to provide new solutions for the library as well as addressing other quality-of-life needs,” he said.

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