Council approves change order to roof replacement at Mabra Center
by Chris Norwood
The Talladega City Council approved a $51,100 change order to the B.N. Mabra Center during a brief called meeting Wednesday morning.

The Mabra Center was supposed to be getting a new roof anyway, but when the old roof was removed last week, it was discovered that the existing decking, made up of pieces of concrete and gypsum, were cracked and badly deteriorating, and that one panel was missing altogether.

Architect Cal Munroe explained that gypsum was considered a perfectly acceptable building material, but the old roof leaked and the water damaged it. The cement also had numerous hairline cracks that will only grow in time.

The old plates will be replaced with one and a half inch thick metal plates.

The center will remain closed to the public until the new plates are in place, but work is expected to resume today.

The change order was not subject to bid because it was deemed an emergency and because the same company that won the contract for the roof will be performing the job, according to city manager Brian Muenger.

The change order was approved by a vote of 4-0. Councilman Horace Patterson and Mayor Larry Barton were not present during the meeting.

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