Students showcase their ideas
by Elsie Hodnett
LINCOLN — There were medallion racks, T-shirts, mustache cupcakes, leashes and shoe mops as Drew Middle School students showcased their ideas during Entrepreneurship Day Tuesday.

“Five eighth-grade Business Tech classes participated in Entrepreneurship Day,” said Susan Evans, Business/Technology teacher at Drew Middle School.

The students’ projects were on display in the Drew Middle School/Lincoln High School Library Media Center, and students in grades six and seven, along with members of the community, were able to invest in their favorite product.

Emma Roach, project manager for the first period group, said she and Hannah McLendon came up with the idea for Serenity Award Racks. Emma, marketing manager Dawson Sieger and Savannah Truss, with management, presented their products.

“They are racks to hang medallions on,” Emma said. “I had a problem recently where I had won medallions for sports and different school awards, but had nowhere to hang them. These racks give you a place to display medallions, and also motivate you to earn more.”

Emma said the Serenity Award Racks have either one, two or three hooks.

“Hannah had the idea for painted quotes, so you can personalize your award rack,” she said. “Ours were hand-painted by our group.”

Sixth period group presenters included project manager Evan Dulaney, Kayla Yarbrough, with management, marketing manager Kaleigh Brown, development team leader Bain Isenhower and financial manager Wyatt Gallahar.

“We made Mr. E’s Tie-Dye Tees to help the student body express themselves in a more colorful, fun and exciting way,” Evan said. “They can choose two to four colors and add text or a logo to the T-shirt.”

Evan said the T-shirts are great for free dress days at school.

“I see many, many students trying to wear fun and colorful clothing, but it is difficult with a single color T-shirt,” he said. “We also have tie-dye shoelaces and socks, and are heading toward sweatshirts and jackets.”

The seventh period class offered something for the taste buds — Mustache Magic. Presenting their mustache decorated cupcakes were Savannah Masters, project manager; Haley Barnhart, development team leader; Sawyer Sims, bakery chef; and Kevin Williams, management team leader.

“Most people love cupcakes, and mustaches are in right now,” Savannah said. “We thought it would be a fun, unique idea.”

Haley said the group made 450 cupcakes in six different varieties for everyone to try.

“We used homemade icing because the customers like it best,” she said.

Each cupcake was hand-decorated with a mustache, and there was a poster with the many types of mustaches customers could choose to order from.

“The ‘hipster’ mustache is the most popular right now,” Savannah said.

Second period class was represented by project manager Weston Perry, Ashley Kate Grace with the marketing department, Tyler Tuck with development and marketing manager Griffin Smith.

“Our product is ‘Beast Leash,’” Weston said. “We made it for hunters.”

Weston said a bracelet snaps around the person’s wrist and a collar around the dog’s neck. The two are connected by swivel clips so they don’t tangle.

“They are made out of 550-pound Paracord so it won’t break,” he said. “That way you can keep your dog on a leash and have a free hand for your gun while hunting.”

Weston said there is also a girl’s version, too, so the pet owner can walk their dog and use their cell phone to text at the same time.

“The Beast Leash comes in any color,” he said. “You can pick either one or two colors for the leash, and up to four colors for the collar. There are also reflectors on the collars for safety reasons.”

Weston said the Beast Leashes are made to order to fit the person’s wrist and the dog’s neck.

The third period group came up with Neat Feet, a fun way to mop floors. The presenters included project manager Donte Rivers, Tanner Griffin with management, Tyler South with marketing and Drew Snyder with development.

“Neat Feet makes mopping easier,” Tanner said. “When you mop, it puts a strain on your back and arms.”

Drew said the team took Croc shoes and attached mop strings to them.

“You skate on the floor like a skating rink and have fun while cleaning,” he said.

Donte said you just put Neat Feet in water and walk around.

“Your friends can help out,” he said. “It’s a fun way to play while cleaning and making your allowance.”

Donte said Neat Feet comes in a variety of colors and sizes, and can be custom made to order.

“There are grippers on the bottom to make them safer,” Tyler said.

Donte said Neat Feet are slippery, but if you use them safely you should be fine.

“Our slogan is, ‘No home is complete without Neat Feet,’” Drew said.

Evans said after the investments were tallied, Beast Leash won first place, Mustache Magic won second place and Serenity Award Racks won third place. Serenity Award Racks also won the Judges’ Choice Award, winning investments from three of the five judges.

“All members of the winning team, Beast Leash, will be treated to lunch with the Lincoln Business Associates,” she said. “The lunch is paid for as part of the grant I was awarded from the Talladega County Education Foundation. The grant also allowed each team a budget of $55 to buy the supplies to make and market their products.”

Evans said all the students did a fantastic job.

“I am so proud of all of them,” she said. “There is no better feeling as a teacher than to see a project like this come to fruition. These students worked very hard and were very proud of their accomplishments. They couldn’t wait to tell people about their products because they really took ownership of their learning.”

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