Lincoln Council approves resolution supporting vote on Sunday alcohol sales
by Elsie Hodnett
LINCOLN — The City Council unanimously approved a resolution Tuesday supporting a vote on Sunday alcohol sales.

Mayor Bud Kitchin said Lincoln is joining other cities in Talladega County in supporting the Talladega County Commission in requesting a local referendum to allow that vote.

“Sunday alcohol sales would help economic development in Lincoln,” Kitchin said. “Both Councilman Billy Pearson and I received a phone call from a person who said although he personally didn’t drink, he was not against a vote because it might bring in more restaurants that serve alcohol, but you don’t have to drink, you can just enjoy a good meal.”

Councilwoman Jean Burk said she voted in favor of allowing the residents to be able to decide if they want Sunday alcohol sales.

“I think it would help with economic development and help us get more stores and restaurants in general and help the city grow,” she said.

Councilwoman Sadie Britt said she thinks a vote on Sunday alcohol sales is something that will happen eventually.

“I think it would help the cities get restaurants like Applebee’s or Ruby Tuesday’s — sit-down restaurants that you can choose to get a drink or just eat a good meal,” she said. “It will also help existing businesses.”

Britt said she feels economic development is the main thing.

“People complain that we can’t get certain restaurants in the city, and Sunday alcohol sales is one of the issues those companies look at,” she said. “It will make Lincoln more attractive to move to (if it passes).”

In other matters Tuesday, the council:

• Awarded the removal of an underground gas pump at the old city hall, safe disposal of liquid inside, disposal of the tank and pump, a soil analysis and backfill the pit to L.A. Bell Company Inc., of Wellington, Ala., for the price of $4,700.

• Announced the bid opening for the demolition of the old city hall at 1 p.m. March 7 at City Hall.

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