Local legislative delegation should support referendum
Three mayors of Talladega County cities plan to ask their councils to ask the area’s legislative delegation to approve a countywide referendum to allow Sunday sales of alcohol.

Lincoln Mayor Bud Kitchin, Sylacauga Mayor Doug Murphree and Talladega Mayor Larry Barton are united in seeking the vote. We agree and urge our local delegation to pass the necessary local legislation needed to provide for the vote.

We support Sunday sales of alcohol as a revenue generator and a possible economic development tool.

In today’s world, those who choose not to drink can certainly do that. Those who choose to drink have to be nimble in Talladega County to do so on a Sunday. Private clubs, stocking up or travel to nearby areas where Sunday sales are allowed are some of the available options. The point is that making it illegal to sell alcohol on Sunday does not stop Sunday drinking.

National restaurant chains are always interested in population numbers, demographics, and whether Sunday sales are allowed. The revenue from those sales is important to the financial success of the facility. Sunday sales can make the difference between a restaurant deciding to locate in area or not.

And, of course, alcohol sales provide tax revenue as well, and these days governmental leaders will tell you they need all that they can get.

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