Tip of the Hat: Making a difference with denim
Service to others takes all kinds of forms, and we learned of a new one this week. Students at Winterboro High School collected and donated more than 600 pairs of blue jeans as a community project to help others. The project also gets the school in the running for a $10,000 grant, a scholarship, spirit hoodies and a schoolwide pizza party.

Winterboro’s donations was a little more than half the number of jeans collected in the project that will benefit efforts of a Gadsden-based center that reaches out to homeless teens.

What made the story special was that it was an effort begun, organized and carried out by students. Tenth-graders Sierra Moore and Samantha White and their fellow students got the job done with the approval and cooperation of the school administration and staff.

We commend these teens for their work to help others, and wish them luck in the competition for rewards for their school.

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